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Who Should Join?

Absolutely anyone who has a concern for the future conservation and welfare of birds. Pet owners, or those due to circumstances, that do not keep a bird, are just as welcome as the serious aviculturist. Everyone has something they can contribute to the cause, because everyone has unique skills. You might be an expert fundraiser, an artist or simply have time on your hands that you can donate to the SCA. All contributions are most welcome because, as you can imagine, running this society properly needs a great deal of time, money and effort.

The SCA publishes a regular magazine covering many topics of bird keeping, conservation projects abroad, feeding, training pets and many other subjects. Written by experts in their own field and also offers members the chance to sell surplus equipment etc, via personal adverts. Members who have surplus birds, or who are looking for specific birds to add to their collection, are encouraged to contact the secretary who maintains a database of birds for rehoming.

The magazine is funded from the membership fee charged. The society is growing in members almost daily, so it is hoped that more issues of the magazine could be produced in the future. To achieve this we need more articles from our membership and from conservation projects throughout the world.

The SCA is actively working on this web site, with the aim of using it as a tool for education and promoting the worlds' conservation stories. We are trying to keep it regularly updated, with new articles, pictures and videos for other bird lovers to enjoy. If you have photographs or videos you would like to be shown on the website, you can upload them in the relevant section.  This website is being designed, developed and hosted free of charge by one of the Trustees.


All membership fees are due on 1st January each year. Membership fees are subject to change by the Trustees
Fees as at 1 January 2009 are:

UK Residents
Single £15.00
Joint £20.00
OAP/Under 16's £10.00
Affiliated £40.00

If joining after 1st October, your membership will automatically include the following year.

The fee is kept deliberately low so everyone can join. The cost of printing & postage for the magazine absorbs most of the fees, so we always appreciate any donations which our members feel they can make.

Single £35.00
Joint £40.00
OAP's/Under 16's £20.00
Affiliated £80.00

The easiest way to join is to click the 'Join Online' link on the left.  If you prefer to pay be cheque, you can download the membership pack in the documents section, however you won't be able to access the members  section of the site until we have received your application.

If you are a UK taxpayer, by completing a Gift Aid form with your application, you can add an extra 28 pence in the pound to the value of your subscription. You do not need to send in a new form every year, just once is sufficient to enable us to benefit from this free top up form the government.  You can tick the relevant box using the online signup option instead of sending in a form.

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