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Wildlife Teams Need Your Help

At a recent National cage and Aviary Bird Exhibition, SCA members had several long conversations with the West Yorkshire Police Force representative. Many initiatives are now underway involving all Police Forces throughout the country, and we thought it useful if our members were informed and possibly could also keep an eye out….Even though this does not directly involve pets or conservation of foreign bird.

Crime in the countryside is on the increase. At risk are our plants, animals, birds and fish. That’s why Warwickshire Constabulary, working with the main wildlife and animal protection agencies have launched a new initiative. We have created a team of wildlife liaison officers whose special skills are used to bring to book those who in a variety of ways break the laws set up to protect the plants and animals of the countryside.

How YOU can help

Be our eyes and ears! Look out for signs that tell you something is amiss; strangers where you know rare birds are nesting, men – or families – carrying spades, nets or sacks in woods or across fields. The sound of shooting where you know wildlife is protected, farm gates with padlocks forced, parked vehicles close to deer parks and fish farms. Sights, sounds and activities, which could spell trouble.


Even if you suspect a crime is being committed. RING 999

The wildlife team have three main roles;

Using their special skills to detect and prevent wildlife crime. Training colleagues to help them combat crime in the countryside more effectively. As their other policing roles allow, they aim to build closer links, with wildlife organisations, ramblers, anglers, farmers, gamekeepers and rural communities.

The aim.

Higher detection rates, obtaining better information, and perhaps partnership between the force and the public that will deter criminals and protect wildlife.

Numbers to call

Ring 999, if you believe, or suspect a crime is being committed.

Ring you local station if you have any information that could help us to prevent or detect a crime., and ask for the Wildlife Liaison Officer.

CRIME STOPPERS on 0800-555111

RSPCA on 0990-555999

RSPB on 01767-680551

MAFF on 0800-321600 (for poisons incidents)


For more information about this campaign please ring 01926-415000

Dogs and diggers spell death for badgers.

Badgers have been persecuted for centuries. Hunted, beaten and literally thrown to the dogs, in pits from where they have no escape. These inoffensive creatures have only one enemy today, and that’s man. But at last there are laws designed to protect the badger. It is now illegal to trap, injure or kill a badger. It is also an offence to knowingly or deliberately damage the underground sets in which the badger lives. This has not stopped the diggers in Warwickshire, as in other parts of the country, this vile pastime continues, made easier by our motorway network. Some diggers live in the country, others drive to Warwickshire from Birmingham, Wales and the North. They arrive, dig out the sets, kill or capture our badgers, and leave. “Lamping” the practice of using light at night to shoot or capture badgers, which are later thrown into pits to fight dogs, is increasingly a problem.

They trap birds and steal eggs by the hundred.

Birds bring life, colour and enchanting sounds to our countryside, but thousands, notably the finches – are trapped and sold to spend the rest of their lives in cages. Birds of prey are poisoned, shot or cruelly trapped and have their young snatched from them. Other birds, often rare, also have their nest raided and the eggs stolen. WE WANT YOU TO HELP US – and the bird and wildlife agencies we work with – catch the collectors and those who thieve for them. With you eyes and ears we can help more rare birds to survive and ensure fewer wild birds end their days in cages.

Remember, egg collectors are often obsessive and compulsive. They rob entire nests, build up collections of several hundred eggs, sometimes of just one species. Illegal trapping of birds of prey is still too common and indiscriminate. Poisons meant for them are a threat to out pets, our children and other wildlife.


We work with and alongside the RSPCA to try to stamp out cruelty to ALL animals, family pets, farm livestock and creatures of the countryside. Be vigilant and help us to catch the countryside criminals. Calls will be treated in confidence.


No longer is it “just one for the pot”. Poaching in the 21st century is often big business. Deer are still a target, so too are game fish. In the wild and in fish farms, coarse fish are very much in demand. Caught live, often from stocked waters, they are sold for restocking elsewhere. To catch them poachers need nets, oxygenated tanks and vans and lorries. Watch out for them Your vigilance can help us to stop this illegal trade. Already we have a successful scheme “Keeper Watch” organised with the help of the country’s gamekeepers.

Endangered Species

At home and on holiday everyone can help stamp out the illegal trade that threatens the very existence of animals and plants. Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants, Bears and many more. The illegal trade in endangered species is estimated to be worth in excess of $5 billion, this is second only to the drug trade.

These endangered species are caught, shot or poisoned to be sold for trophies, souvenirs, fashion accessories or for the supposed medicinal remedies. As tourists we should not support such illegal trade.

Plant Crime

The rare plants have always been a target, but there is now an increasing awareness of plants being stolen by well organised gangs. Snowdrops, Bluebells and water plants even pondweed are now seen as money making targets. It is illegal to uproot any wild plant, if you see anyone or suspect that an offence is being committed then please ring your local police.

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