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Chocolate in any form should not be fed to birds. Bittersweet, Baker's and Dark Chocolates are more toxic than Milk Chocolate. But all the same - do not feed it to your birds.

Table salt when fed excessively will cause increased thirst to increase water consumption to increased urination.

Excessive amounts of Cooked and Raw Onions can be toxic to your bird.  Onions contain the chemical n-propyl disulfide which denatures heemoglobin.  This will in turn destroy Red Blood Cells. Causes: Anaemia, Jaundice, Bloody Urine.  Note: Be cautious if feeding cooked onion in small amounts.

Alcoholic beverages should be avoided at ALL costs.

Apple Seeds contain Cyanide. Be sure to always remove apple seeds before giving a portion to your birds.

Mushrooms have the potential of being toxic. 

Dairy items are not digested in birds. Birds do not have the digestive enzymes necessary to process milk. There are some products that are available on the market as an alternative to dairy products. Soy Milk, Tofu Cheese, etc. Which can be given to your birds as an alternative to dairy items.  Small amounts of dairy are fine.

Carbonated AND Caffeinated beverages should be avoided.

Avocado is toxic to birds as well due to the high fat content.

Toxic plants: (Not a complete list)


Aconcanthera -- flowers and fruit, Aconite, Agapanthus, Alacia, Amaryllis -- bulbs, American Yew, Amsinckia/Tarweed -- foliage and seeds, Anemone/Wildflower -- flowers and leaves, Angel Trumpet Tree -- flowers and leaves, Any plants of branches exposed to auto exhaust or sprayed with chemicals, Apple -- seeds, Apricot - pits and tree bark, Arrowhead Vine, Asparagus Fern, Atropa Belladonna, Autumn Crocus/Meadow Saffron, Avocado, Azalea -- leaves.


Balsam Pear -- seeds and outer rinds of fruit, Baneberry -- berries and root, Beach Pea, Beans -- all types if uncooked, Belladonna, Betal Nut Palm, Birch, Bird of Paradise -- seeds, Bittersweet Nightshade, Black Locust -- bark, sprouts, seeds, and foliage, Bleeding Heart/Dutchman's Breeches, Bloodroot, Bluebonnet, Blue-Green Algae -- some forms are toxic, Bottlebrush, Boxwood -- leaves and stems, Bracken Fern, Broad Bean, Broomcorn Grass, Buckeye Horse Chestnut -- nuts and sprouts, Buckthorn -- bark and fruit, Bulb Flowers --amaryllis, iris, daffodil, narcissus, hyacinth, Burdock,Buttercup -- bulbs and sap.


Cabbage (Raw), Cactus (for OBVIOUS reasons), Caladium -- leaves, Calla Lily -- leaves, Candelabra Tree, Caphne, Cardinal Flower, Caroline Jessamine -- flowers, foliage, and sap, Cassava -- root, Castor Bean -- leaves (also Castor Oil), Chalice Vine/Trumpet Vine, Cherry Laurel -- flowers and foliage, Cherry Tree -- bark, twigs, seeds, and leaves, Chinaberry Tree -- berries, Christmas Berry -- berries, Christmas Cactus -- sap, Christmas Candle, Christmas Rose -- flowers and foliage, Creeping Fig, Clematis/Virginia Bower, Coffee Plants, Columbine -- flowers, foliage, seeds, Coral Vine/Plant -- seeds, Cowslip/Marsh Marigold, Croton, Crown of Thorns, Crown Vetch, Chrysanthemum, Cyclamen.


Daffodil -- bulbs, Daphne -- berries, Datura/Jimsonweed -- berries, Deadly Amanita, Death Camas, Delphinium, Destroying Angel/Death Cap, Dieffenbachia/Dumb Cane -- leaves, Dogwood -- fruit, Dutchman's Breeches -- leaves and root.


Eggplant (Fruit is OK!), Elderberry -- leaves, Elephant's Ear/Taro -- leaves and stems, Elephant's Foot, Emerald Duke, English Ivy -- berries and leaves, English Yew, Equisetum, Eucalyptus, Euonymus/Spindle Tree, Euphorbia/Spurges -- flowers, leaves, and sap.


False Hellebore, False Henbane, Fava Bean, Felt Plant, Fiddleneck/Senecio, Firethorn/Pyracantha, Flame Tree, Fly Agaric/Amanita, Four O'Clock, Fly Algaric Mushroom/Deadly Amanita, Foxglove -- leaves and seeds.


Gelsemium, Geranium, Ghostweed, Glacier Ivy, Glory Bean, Golden Chain/Laburnum, Gold Toothed Aloe, Ground Cherry.


Heart Ivy, Heart Leaf, Heliotrope, Hellebore, Hemlock (and any water the plant is in), Henbane -- seeds, Holly -- berries, Honey Locust, Honeysuckle, Horse Bean, Horse Chestnut/Buckeye -- nuts and twigs, Horsetail, Hyacinth -- bulbs, Hydrangea -- flower bud.


Impatiens/Touch-Me-Not, Indian Laurel, Indian Licorice Bean, Indian Turnip/Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Indigo Plant, Iris/Blue Flag -- bulbs, Ivy (Hedera Helix).


Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Japanese Yew, Jasmine, Jatropha -- seeds and sap, Java Bean - lima bean (uncooked), Jerusalem Cherry -- berries, Jessamine, Jimsonweed/Thornapple, Johnson Grass, Juniper -- needles, stems, and berries.


Kentucky Coffee Tree.


Laburnum, Lambkill/Sheep Laurel, Lantana -- immature berries, Larkspur, Laurel, Lily, Lily of the Valley (and any water the plant is in), Lobelia, Locoweed, Locusts, Lords and Ladies/Cuckoopint, Lupines/Bluebonnet.


Machineel, Majesty, Mandrake, Mango Tree -- wood, leaves, rinds of fruit, Marble Queen, Marijuana/Hemp -- leaves, Mayapple (Fruit is OK!), Mescal Beans -- seeds, Milkweed - leaves, Mistletoe -- berries, Moccasin flower -- flowers and leaves, Mock Orange -- fruit, Monkshood/Aconite -- leaves and roots, Moonseed, Morning Glory, Mountain Laurel, Mushrooms -- SEVERAL varieties.


Narcissus -- bulbs, Natal Cherry -- berries and leaves, Nectarine -- pits and seeds, Needlepoint Ivy, Nephthytis, Nettles, Nicotine Bush, Nightshade -- ALL varieties, Nutmeg, Nux Vomica.


Oak -- acorns and foliage, Oleander -- leaves, branches, and nectar, Onion (Raw).


Parlor Ivy, Peach -- leaves, twigs, and pits, Peanuts -- raw, Pear -- seeds, Pencil Tree/Cactus, Pennyroyal -- flowers and leaves, Peony -- flowers and leaves, Periwinkle, Peyote/Mescaline, Philodendron -- leaves and stems, Pigweed, Pikeweed, Pine - needles, twigs, and sap, Pine Needles -- berries, Plum -- leaves and seeds, Poinsettia -- immature leaves and roots, Poison Elder, Poison Ivy -- sap, Poison Oak -- sap, Poison Sumac, Pokeweed/Inkberry -- leaves, roots, and immature berries, Poppy, Potato -- eyes and new shoots, Pothos, PotMum, Primroses, Privet, Prune -- branches, Purple Sesbane.


Rain Tree, Ranunculus/Buttercup, Red Maple, Red Princess, Rhodedendron, Rhubarb -- leaves, Ripple Ivy, Rosary Peas/Indian Licorice -- seeds, Russian Thistle -- flowers and leaves.


Saddle Leaf, Salmonberry -- fruit and leaves, Sandbox Tree, Scarlet Pimpernel -- flowers, fruit, and leaves, Scarlet Runner Beans, Scotch Broom -- seeds, Senecio/Fiddleneck, Skunk Cabbage, Snapdragon -- flowers and leaves, Snowdrop, Snowflake, Snow on the Mountain/Ghostweed, Sorghum Grass, Sorrel, Spanish Bayonet -- flowers and foliage, Spider Mum, Split Leaf Philodendron, Sprengeri Fern, Spurges, Star of Bethlehem -- flowers and foliage, String of Pearls, Sudan Grass, Sundew -- leaves, Sweet Pea -- seeds and fruit.


Tansy Ragwort, Thorn Apple, Tiger Lily -- flowers, leaves, and pods, Toad Flax -- leaves, Tobacco -- leaves, Tomato -- leaves, Toyon Berry -- berries, Trillium -- leaves, Trumpet Vine.


Umbrella Plant, Upas Tree.

Venus Flytrap, Verbana -- flowers and leaves, Vetch, Virginia Creeper - sap.

Water Hemlock, Wattle, Wax Plant (Hoya carnose), Western Yew, White Cedar, Wisteria, Wolfbane.

Yam bean -- roots, Yellow Jasmine, Yew -- needles and thistles (American, English, Japanese)



Toxic foods:


Avacado, apple seeds, Chocolate, Coffee and coffee grounds.

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